Rebel Without Applause : Reliant from Inception to Zenith by Daniel Lockton

Rebel Without Applause is the first detailed history and analysis of the Reliant company, covering its development from insecure beginnings in the 1930s to the years of dynamic growth in the 60s & 70s when Reliant 3- & 4-wheelers dominated the specialist car market, in both sports and economy sectors. Reliant's pioneering work in setting up the Israeli, Greek & Turkish motor industries is also extensively investigated. See chapter-by-chapter contents.

Models covered include the girder-fork vans, all Regals and Rebels, Sabre & Sabre Six, Scimitar GT and GTE (SE5/5a), the TW9 (and BTB Ant), Bond Bug, Autocars Sussita, Sabra Sports, Carmel, and Otosan Anadol.

This website aims to introduce the book and also features some articles about different aspects of Reliant's history within the context of the British motor industry.

A second volume of the book, The Unquiet Survivor, covering Reliant's later history, is in preparation; I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who can help with information on certain aspects of the story.

Dan Lockton
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Bibliographic details: Rebel Without Applause: Reliant from inception to zenith by Daniel Lockton - ISBN 1-870519-64-7 - Bookmarque Publishing, Minster Lovell, 2003 Hardback limited edition, 256 pages

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Volume II: The Unquiet Survivor


The early years of Reliant

Double-edged sword: The Reliant Scimitar SS1

Paper: Motor Vehicles in the Developing World: Options for Sustainability [PDF, 320kB]

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